Our 21st Anniversary

What would you like to see… give a girlfriend a helping hand because I forgot how to do all this… what a bummer, and it’s a long story, but soon I shall tell you about it.


So tell me… where do I begin to start anew???  I just don’t know or have a thought in my head. 


Today’s our Anniversary and we’ve been married 21 yrs.  Wooooo Hoooo!  I started our day off with a tomato sandwich on toast my darling hubby made for me (I love them), and I went to my desk and found the most perfect card.  He must’ve really searched big time for this one, and I love…. it’s perfect.

For The Love of My Life…………. My Wife!  Isn’t that perfect…

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  1. ♪♫Happy Anniversary to you,♪♫♪♫Happy Anniversary to you,♪♫♪♫Happy Anniversary Dear Dave and Marie, ♪♫♪♫Happy Anniversary to you.♪♫Have a fabulous Anniversary honey. Love you bunches. ♥

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