Wordless Wednesday


I am dedicating my Post today to my good friend Steve!  HEY STEVE… DO YA REMEMBER??? LOL and I hope you all enjoy it to and it puts a smile on all your beautiful faces. Be safe, be careful, but most of all just “BE”! Love you all! HUGS! This one is for a good friend of mine and I think he knows who he is!!! hahahahahahaha ENJOY MY FRIEND!

May you all enjoy!!! Share with the kids and everyone have a good laugh. We all need a good laugh these days! I wish we could all hold hands and see how far we can take it.God bless you all and please stay healthy, stay happy, and most of all where a smile every day with great health! HAVE A GREAT DAY, ENJOY!!! Come on we don’t have to act like adults every day DO WE???  Take me for example… I’m dancin’ around with my daughters, grandaughters & great – granddaughters as we speak to this great tune! hahahahahaha HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE! Be safe, be healthy, be happy and most of all just “BE”! God bless you all! HUGS – GET UP AND “DO THE CAMEL”!!!  LOL

Just leave a comment below if you like to say Hi!  Did you do “THE CAMEL”????  LOL

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  1. HELLO EVERYONE! Just leave a comment down here… my blog is still on the mend! Sorry, and have a great day and I surely hope you had fun!!!! LOVE YOU ALL! WOO HOO!!! HEY, SOMEBODY HAS TO GET UP AND DANCE FOR ME!!! My back is still on the mend, but it doesn't mean I can't clap! WOO HOO!!! PARTY! DANCE DANCE DANCE “LET THE MUSIC MOVE YA”!!!! LUV YA ALL AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  2. OMG the camel is back still wearng her lipstick LOL Good to hear your back is on the mend but i really do have to warn you still to not do anything I would like trying to do the twist whilst cooking an omelette it can be very messy 👍 Have a woowootastic week Marie and take it easy LOL 👍

  3. Great to see another post from you and Steve is delighted for sure. He loves that camel with lipstick.Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.Have a fabulous day, Marie. Love and hugs. ♥

  4. Look at you, Marie! You're back, really back!! A little birdie told me you had a post this week, so I had to stop by to check it out. This song is fun. I think it's gonna be stuck in my ear all day now. lol Have a wonderful Wednesday, my dear!

  5. I'm glad to see you are posting, and Hump Day is here so that's good.Have a fabulous rest of the week, i hope you get to keep posting and having fun.

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