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Today our theme is “Build a playlist to feel what makes life magical to me! Whoa! There’s so many, but the most important one is my children, grandchildren & great-grandchild & of course my hubby!!! So, hmmmm I must also add is memories of love ones that have left this world, but is in my heart always! I had a brother who died of a heart attack & he’s in heaven now. He was (6) yrs. older than I, and he was (oh my, where do I start) he was a Lieutenant at Fire Department, also a mechanic on trucks, bartender, coach for his son’s baseball team also. He had 3 boys & 1 girl. Around the holidays mostly he also played the drums and acoustic guitar, and he was MY BROTHER & boy could he dance & sing! GOD BLESS HIM & I surely miss him! He’s all I had!

Left Photo: My brother & his wife! Linda passed 5 years after Jr. of Cancer.
Right Photo: My brother at 16/17 not sure! Handsome devil isn’t he? hehehe

Anyway, back to biz… how about a couple of tunes, and the theme is tunes says what makes life magical for me! Whoa! Let me think now! Well, my brother did. You see I was his dancing partner so he could be good when he went to parties. We also danced at family weddings. He was a real fun brother!!! I sang with him in his band (not all the time, but sometimes). I miss him. Here’s a song he use to sing & when I hear it I feel like he’s with me!

Okay, up next is a drum/guitar song that my brother had down to the note. It’s an older song, and it’s called, “Rebel Rouser”, by Duane Eddy. Woo Hoo and Jr. knew both parts guitar & drums & he had every beat! Introducing Duane Eddy (and my brother in my heart) in Rebel Rouser! Also, Junior played the drums mostly, but he also played the guitar part in his band!!! When I hear this tune it warms my heart & I just want to dance! Come on…. don’t YOU???

Now, there’s another tune that has my heart, and it’s a tune that I had played at my husband & my wedding by Olivia Newton-John called, “I love you, I honestly love you”! Every time I hear it it takes me back to that day… to that moment & I get chills each time!

Well, everyone have a wonderful day! See you on the flip side! HUGS TO ALL!!!



  1. I didn’t realize that Lee Hazlewood helped write “Rebel Rouser”! I just knew him from all the work he did with Nancy Sinatra. Good choices, Marie!

  2. Thank you my dear friend. You’re the first person that said that to me. It truly means a lot to me. At the time everyone gave condolences to my mom & as it should be & we were all worried about her, but I was hurting too! Sad & alone, but I had my children that gave me hugs & I did just fine. Thank you again my dear friend!

  3. Marie,

    Honey, you used the wrong link URL on the 4M linky party that sends people not to your visible blog home front, so I removed and added this one. That’s probably why you weren’t getting any visitors. Hopefully, they’ll find their way over to you now. 😉

    I understand the loss of a brother. Mine died in 2006. He turned 40 just a few months before his death. After all this time it is still hard to believe he’s gone and it’s been almost 17 years.

    You picked some great tunes in memory of your brother. I know music brings you closer to him. Thanks for sharing. Have a boogietastic week, darlin’!

  4. Your love for your brother shone throughout this post. May I also express condolences. I’m an only child so I can only begin to imagine the pain you still feel, but I hope these musical memories bring you joy in remembering him. You picked some great songs and I so enjoyed hearing quality music from the past. Alana ramblinwitham

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