Monday’s Music Moves Me!!!

Hello everyone, and I guess we’re at it again! hehehehe Did ya miss me? I missed you terribly! I hope everyone is doing good, and I sure am glad to be back! I may not be as healthy as I liked to be, but with the weather changing and it getting warmer, and there’s a park right across the street from my home (well across the street & about a half a block down), we can take walks every day with our Charlie *he’s our black lab! Oh yes, and did I tell you I have my own private nurse & I even married him… a long time ago of course, but he is the best & he can cook too! Plus our wedding anniversary is coming soon & we’ll be married 23 yrs. Woo Hoo! Two more yrs. and it will be the big “25”!!! WOO HOO! I cannot wait, and I’ve just got to be better by then because I want to DANCE again!!! So y’all can wish me luck with that!

So being it’s FREEBIE week, I’ve picked out a couple of songs for ya! Okay, it’s been a long hard road for me trying to get this computer to do what I want it to do, so for now how about…. our first tune is a little different, but I swear you’re going to love this song with ERIC CLAPTON & PETER FRAMPTON – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (HD)

Let it rain with “Eric Clapton”!

WOO HOO! Now let’s bring in somebody totally different…
HOW ABOUT Lady GaGa in “Always Remember us this way”!

Keith Urban – Blue Ain’t Your Color.

Another Keith Urban tune I kinda like is with Carrie Underwood in “The Fighter”!


Tennessee Whiskey with Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake!


HUGS TO ALL…  Just awesome!!!!

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