Monday’s Music Moves Me!

Today is Monday and we all know what that is about now don’t we!!! Say hello to all my girls everybody! Cathy… No. 1 girl who has been doing all the work since I’ve been gone with my two back surgeries. Unfortunately, I’m still recouping so lets get this show on the road! WOO HOO! A big shout out to all my girls, and I’m sure you know who they are by now… Stacy and Alana. Oh heck, you all are! Okay, time to boogie!!! Gettin’ an itch here! hahaha –

So moving on here’s our theme which is… Music is Medicine for the soul. Build a playlist with songs that is emotional soothing or pick song titles or bands relating to medicine! Ohhhhhh (with a shiver). Hmmmm….. um….. okay, I just thought of one by Kelly Clarkson, and I hope this is what my gal Cathy meant.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood

The next one is another Carrie Underwood, “Inside your heaven”!

Well, I cannot really think of anymore so I hope this will do. Move on to our next person, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy those! Have a wonderful Day….. XMAS-DOLLY!

Well, just leave a comment below if you like. I didn’t get my linky code yet, but I’ll make sure you get on it. Thanks….

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