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Today is my Big Brother’s Birthday!  We played games together when we were little and baseball too, but mostly we fought like brother & sister does.  Playin’ around & when he became a teen-ager he taught me how to jitter bug so he could practice in the basement with me & he’d be really good at his parties & boy was he.  He also became a drummer in his teen years!   Me I was on the keys!!!   God bless you my “BIG BROTHER”!   He would’ve been 79 yrs. old & his wife is gone now too do to Cancer I believe in her throat (that death was after his), and he died when he was 44 yrs. old of a heart attack!  He was a big fella, but he wouldn’t listen to the doctor.  My Mom’s sister & a sister-in-law died about a week before that and then I got a call at six a.m. that my brother had died & they wanted me to tell my mother!   It was next to the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.  The worst thing was telling her my daughter had passed from crib death!  I miss my brother so much!!!  This is a few pics I have of him!  I miss him so very much!!!   I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH,  Junior.!!!  Just look at this lil’ guy awwwww, and then grammar school, and then Rock & Roll, then Viet Nam, and he came home & got married & started a family 3 boys & 1 girl, and I became Auntie Dolly!!!!  Miss you, Bro with all my heart!


This is  my big brother!  I miss you Junior and love you so much!!!  He was always my protector too!  At the end here is Mr. & Mrs. Russell Chamberlin Jr.!!!  She’s gone now too due to Cancer!!!   They had four children!  3 boys & 1 girl!!!!!!    Below is one more with my brother, Grandma Chamberlin (my dad’s mom) & MEEEEEE!!!!  LOL – HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE!    As they say….  My father thanks you.  My mother thanks you!  My brother thanks you and I thank you!!!

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  1. Marie,

    Happy Birthday to your brother in heaven! My brother died two months after his 40th birthday, so I can totally relate. Death has such horrible timing doesn’t it? Just a week before your brother passed your family lost other loved ones. I’m so sorry. I know that was such a hard time for you. In heaven there’s no more pain or sorrow and one day, we’ll see those we love again. Precious awwwesome memories, dear friend! xo

    • Yes, first it was my Aunt Jeri who was married to my Mom’s brother & then her sister passed & two days after her I had to tell her her son died of a heart attack. At first I just couldn’t do it. My dad passed on years ago from Cancer & my mom’s second husband told her about her sister, but when Junior died he called me up at 5:00 a.m. to tell me my brother died & he said, “I told your mom about her sister & I just can’t tell her about her son, you have too! Tell her what I said & he said its your brother. I totally crashed & I needed to get myself back together first & then I jumped in the car & went over there. Just a very sad time. Thank you Cathy, and my condolences about your brother too! He was so young! Very sad! HUGS!

    • No truer words were ever said my friend! Terrible timing indeed!!! My mother’s sister & her son… my brother! I was more concerned for my mother losing a sister she was close too & her son! Thank you so much for all your kind words and it’s good to talk to someone who can relate sometimes, don’t ya think? My condolences for your brother to my dearest friend! HUGS

  2. What a lovely tribute to your brother. Prayers for you on this day.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Love you, Marie. ♥

  3. So many deaths in such a short time. I can’t imagine losing one of my babies to crib death. You’ve had to be strong. May only the good memories remain.

    • Believe me when you lose you own it never goes away. Its like it happened yesterday every day!!!! I have to be strong every day, and for my other children too! Thank you for your kind wishes.

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