Monday’s Music Moves Me!

Today is Monday & we all know what that’s about now don’t we! Say hello to all my girls everybody!   Cathy… No. 1 girl who has been doing all the work since I’ve been gone with my two back surgeries. Unfortunately, I’m still recouping so lets get this show on the road!  YEAH!  A big shout out to all my girls, & I’m sure you know who they are by now… Cathy, Stacy, Alana & ME!  WOO HOO!  We’re still looking for more people to come & join us…. SO SPREAD THE WORD EVERYBODY & NOW IT’S TIME TO BOOGIE!    Gettin’ an itch here!  hahaha!  Okay, and today’s theme is a “FREEBIE”!   SO LETS SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER AS THEY USE TO SAY!!!!  So let me see what I have in my little bag of “TUNES”!!!


WHEWWWWWW!!!  LET ME CATCH MY BREATH HERE!!!!  Oh yeah, that’s our girl for sure!  Where in the world did she get all that energy at her age!  I mean dam!!!!!!!!   Okay, let’s slow it down a tad and listen to another favorite ……  How about Celine Dion singing Tina’s “SIMPLY THE BEST” by Tina Turner cover!

Bee Gees – Immortality (Live in Las Vegas, 1997 – One Night Only)

And now another moment in history… CELIONE DION & THE BEE GEES IN “IMMORTALITY (LIVE IN VEGAS)!      NOW MY FINAL SONG OF THE DAY is with Ms. CELINE DION its a rare video from Las Vegas, Nevada  on the Jerry Lewis telethon in 1995…  “I’M ALIVE”!

Anyway,  ARE YOU ALIVE OUT THERE?  THANKS FOR THE DANCE & that’s it for today, and I wish you all a wonderful day and welcome to the nice weather and its almost Summer… WOO HOO!!!  It sure feels like summer already though.  The weather is very warm today!!! WOO HOO!  HAVE A GREAT DAY & DON’T FORGET BE CAREFUL OUT THERE & ENJOY YOUR WEATHER!  GOD BLESS!   SO LETS KEEP GOIN’ & LET’S BOOGIE!  WOO HOO!  AND NOW FOR JUST YOU OUT THERE THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS!!!!  CATHY, SANDEE, STACY,  AND ALANA!!!!!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL & HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

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    • Thanks John! Did ya see my post? I did it all by myself! WOO HOO! I sure hope I got the old touch back!!!! Have a great day & thank you for stopping by! You’re duh best & I’m on my way! hugs

  1. Marie,

    You did a good job pulling your 4M post together, darlin’! 👏 I loved seeing Tina Turner start things off this morning, so much energy and life on the stage! What a talented lady she was and although she’s no longer with us, she leaves the world her music. She really looked amazing on stage in this video, didn’t she? Thanks for saving me a dance, dearie. Have a boogietastic week! xo

  2. Well done. Some great music here.

    You did a fabulous job on this post. Bravo.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Marie. Love you. ♥

  3. Holy Cow! Did you rock the house today or what? Them be some kinda iconic performances. Who wouldn’t want to be at a concert with Sir Elton John, Cher, and Tina Turner? Nobody, that’s who. Well done. Have a blessed week.

    • RIGHT???? hahahaha Thank you for noticin that I did get my groove back! Okay, my friend save me a dance! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! You’re right, you bring your kids & I’ll bring mine, the only one missing from this concert is your family & mine, and TOM JONES!!!! hahahahahahahahaha HAVE A GREAT DAY MY FRIEND! hugs

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH DARLIN’!!!!! It’s nice to know that somebody noticed I’m getting my groove back! God bless you and YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! THANK YOU…. THANK YOU…. YOU’VE MADE ME SO HAPPY! WOO HOO! hahahaha

  4. Marvelous performances, all. Seeing Cher and Tina together on stage with Elton John on piano – what a You Tube fan. Celine rocked the house on the other three songs, especially the Tina cover (don’t tell anyone but I think Celine was almost as good as Tina on Simply the Best) and final video. You take care, Marie. A lot of smoke out there! Alana ramblinwitham

  5. She has a tremendous voice and talent but I never was into her that much but I feel so bad for her now with that strange disease she has. It’s so cruel.

  6. Great set of tunes. sorry that I have not been blogging much just lost in self. working on getting right with the world again.

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