Wordless Wednesday

image-1OKAY, FIRST OF ALL I HAVE TO CLEAR SOMETHING UP THAT’S BEEN BUGGIN’ ME FOR A LONG TIME!!! I hope I have your undivided attention, but “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY”??? Let’s get serious for just a moment, please!!! When on this God’s green earth did you ever meet an Italian person or just a woman for that matter that had NOTHING to say!!! WORDLESS? OKAY, LET’S GET REAL HERE!!! hmmmm Glad that’s off my chest!!! ~snicker-snicker~

Okay, let’s get the show on the road waddya say?! HOW YA ALL DOIN’??? GREAT I HOPE! How about a couple of quickies & then we’ll get on with it my friends!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOO TO ALL & HEY-YA STEVE!! HOW’S TRICKS??? I believe they use-ta say!!! hehehehe~

I asked my computer what is happiness… boy, was that a stupid question so how’s this… “What does happiness mean to you?” Please leave your answer below! Thanks for your time!

Have a wonderful day, my friend! For I believe that’s the key to true happiness. Be your own friend, so you can be a friend to others! No one wants to be alone…. it just wasn’t meant to be! God bless you & yours and have a wonderful day! Oh, and please be good to YOU & when we pass on let’s all meet here!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. You posted on the wrong blog again. I’ve moved that post to this blog. How you do this is a mystery. I’m going to go work on my blog now. ♥

    • When you do a Post on Word before you even start on the right hand side your link is there, and its in WORD. I saw that the time I got it my way and I changed it, BUT last night it kept going back to word and I couldn’t get it to go where I wanted it to go you really have to show me how to do that maybe… whenever you have time. I know you’re busy my sister, but maybe when you do have time you can tell me in an email or something. Thanks. I kept trying to change the link & it kept going back to word. dirty lil’ bugger!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • I have no idea about Word. I’ve been posting in my blog for years and have never used Word. Have no clue. 🙂

      • Marie, do you draft your posts in word first? If so, it is easier to draft in WordPress or Blogger and then copy/paste to Word if you want to keep a backup of your posts.

  2. Yes, a beautiful sunrise or sunset is happiness. Happiness is definitely a choice. What makes me happy? A good book, chocolate, flowers, sunsets, being with the ones I love. Alana ramblinwitham

  3. I agree, life is not about pleasing everyone else. We’re so much happier when we just live life to its fullest.

  4. That does look like heaven to me! And yes, it’s hard to be alone, so volunteer! There’s so many ways to meet and be with other people. But I know, at the end of the day, you have to live in your own skin.

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